Some departments will move offices

It’s not just Major League baseball players that get traded in the final weeks of July, this summer, office space is switching hands at Shoreline Community College.

“We are making some changes to better meet the needs of staff and students,” Interim President Daryl Campbell said. “Workspace changes are sensitive and can be disruptive. There are many details to consider and we will do everything we can to make sure employees are both comfortable and get what they need to be as efficient and effective as possible in their new locations. These changes will occur over the next number of weeks and we will consult with the appropriate union representatives.”

The moves start with Financial Services staff moving from the 1200 Building into offices on the second floor of the 5000 Building (FOSS). The changes include:

Name Current New
Stuart Trippel 1205 5241
Jennifer Fenske 1216/5201 5201
Lanay Gard 1202 5204
Tom Prigmore 1212 5246
Front counter 1200 5227, -04, -46 (TBA)
Files/records 1200 5100 (behind Workforce

The move puts Trippel closer to Enrollment Services and Financial Aid, two of the areas he supervises as Executive Director for Business and Student Support Services. Trippel also oversees Financial Services and Technology Support Services.

Once that is accomplished, the way is cleared for the next move, which includes most, if not all, of the eLearning/Virtual College staff relocating from the current space in the library to the 1200 Building. Also moving to 1200 from his current location in the 1000 Building is with Brandon Rogers,Special Assistant to the President for Grants and Contracts.

“We love being in the library and I’ll miss seeing all the students, but this move will bring a little more space and the opportunity to work more closely with Brandon in my new role as Executive Director for the Virtual College and Resource Development,” Ann Garnsey-Harter said. Specific office assignments in 1200 have not yet been made, she said.

Dean of Social Sciences Bob Francis, who also oversees the library, says the space being vacated by Garnsey-Harter et al. has not yet been allocated. “There will be discussions about the possible and best uses for that space,” Francis said. “There are no immediate plans.”

And, moving from her office in the Bookstore to Campbell’s former office in the 1000 Building, 1019, is Mary Kelemen, recently appointed as Executive Director for Auxiliary and Logistical Support Services.

While phone numbers are likely to stay the same, other move details such as furniture, signage and directory changes are still to be determined.


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