Strait gets added duties and title

mstrait225x145McKinzie Strait is adding some responsibilities to her plate as Shoreline Community College takes sharper aim at resource development

Since joining the college a year ago as Executive Associate to the President for External Affairs, Strait has developed and implemented political engagement strategies with federal, state and local elected officials as well as other key government officials and policymakers. Her government-relations background came as legislative assistant to State Rep. Ruth Kagi, D-32nd Dist., and as a policy intern for State Reps. Kevin Parker, Jeannie Darneille and Marko Liias.

Starting Aug. 1, Strait is adding the words “and Resource Development” to her title and will take on a new role with the Shoreline Community College Foundation, supervising Foundation staff and supporting the Foundation board.

“McKinzie brings a tremendous amount of energy to our resource-development efforts,” Interim President Daryl Campbell said. “I’m excited for this opportunity to tap into that energy.”

Strait will join Lynn Yaw in the Foundation-office area and Yaw will now report to Strait. Strait will report to Ann Garnsey-Harter, recently appointed as Interim Executive Director for the Virtual College and Resource Development. Joining Strait in reporting to Garnsey-Harter is Brandon Rogers, Special Assistant to the President for Grants and Contracts.

“This gives us some alignment around resource development,” Campbell said. “The Foundation board recently elected Mark McVeety as its president. Mark and I have met around how the college and Foundation can develop a more collaborative relationship. With the drive that Mark, Ann, Brandon and McKinzie have, and coordinating with Jim Hills’ efforts and his staff in the Public Information Office, I am very excited about the possibilities.”

Strait said she’s looking forward to the new role. “Resource development is a critical need for the college and I’m excited to be a part of that,” she said. “At the same time, I’ll continue to do the government relations work that I also love.”

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