A look to the past and future during Fall Convocation

Interim President Daryl Campbell speaks during Fall Convocation.

Interim President Daryl Campbell speaks during Fall Convocation.

Shoreline Community College’s 2013 fall convocation was filled with both remembrance and looking to the future. Interim President Daryl Campbell opened with a moment of silence for Erin Walker and Troy Wolff, two faculty members who both passed away this summer unexpectedly.

The importance of community was an emphasis as Campbell encouraged those in attendance to come together in order to heal. This message closely tied in with his goal for the year ­­­­­– increase communication across campus. Campbell wants to change how communication happens on campus to develop a sense of community, and increase engagement and respect across all departments.

Campbell said he wants to see “fierce communication.” Not meaning confrontation, he explained, but rather honest, respectful and open discussion in order to develop a higher thinking model, to ensure the two priorities of the college are maintained: student achievement and resource development.

Campbell called for realignment of the curriculum to provide multiple opportunities for students. He said resource development to not be thought of as only money, but as people and knowledge as well. He urged faculty to continue their own education to help bridge the gap by helping students and highlighted several faculty members who are creating new programs and curriculum.

Shoubee Liaw, chair of the Board of Trustees, agreed with Campbell’s vision by stating he is taking the right steps. Liaw said Campbell believes to his core that good people focused on the right things are always the answer to the problems faced by the college.

She reminded the audience that Shoreline has always focused on the students and used examples of innovation by the college. Liaw noted that Shoreline created I-BEST programs, has the largest dropout re-engagement program in the state and is at the forefront of internationalization and online education. She said these programs wouldn’t happen without thorough, honest communication and that if the school stays focused on the students, it will be OK.

Student Parliament Prime Minister Tony Owour spoke about his vision for the students on campus. He, along with the other members of the student leadership, wants to see an enhanced student experience that creates students who are proud and enthusiastic about their time on campus.

Campbell then helped welcome the new full-time employees and hand out annual awards. The faculty excellence award was given to Lynn Von Schlieder of the nursing program. According to those that nominated her, Von Schlieder is completely dedicated to the program and students, exudes collaboration and insists that it is one of the core values.

Patsy Duggan of the Dental Hygiene program won the award for Star of the Year for classified employees. According to those that nominated her, Duggan always goes above and beyond to help students, and has a great personality and gets along with the whole staff and all of the students.

The administrator of the year award was split between two recipients, Mari Kosin and Samira Pardanani, both of International Education.

Kosin was nominated because she served on the campus internationalization leadership team and is an administrative member on College Counsel. She also created a resource for new students to find orientation materials online and designed jump into Shoreline, a quarter long student retention program.

Pardanani serves on the Strategic Budget and Planning Committee. She is an expert on international education admissions and immigration. She participated in former Gov. Chris Gregoire’s 2012 mission to India and the India-U.S. dialogue on higher education.

Campbell ended by saying he’s “all in.” He said he intends to be present, fully engaged and visible for the duration of his time and reminded the audience again, to never forget who is at the center of their work: the students.

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