Portfolio show at Seattle gallery unveils talent

VCT Club members

Shoreline arts students, faculty and supporters mug for a group photo at the June 5, 2014, portfolio show in Seattle. More photos from the “CMYK Circus”

It turns out that serving up healthy portions of professional-level creativity on a silver platter to prospective employers is a good idea.

A group of visual arts students from Shoreline Community College did the serving on June 5, 2014 at A/NT Gallery in Seattle’s Belltown district. Members of the VCT (Visual Communications Technology) Club pooled their money to put on a portfolio show and invite regional industry professionals.

The idea was to make it easy for employers and others working at downtown Seattle firms to come meet the students and see their work.

VCT club photo

VCT Club members showed their work at a downtown Seattle gallery on June 5, 2014. More photos from the “CMYK Circus”

“We met potential employers and some students got job interviews through the show,” said Nick Beerman, one of the main organizers of the show. “One of the professionals I talked with told me our show was a success and the talent was as good as at the four-year colleges in the area.”

The event was the first of its kind for Shoreline and Beerman said it is transforming the way Shoreline’s visual communications technology students are taking the next steps in their careers after being in the program.

“We encouraged every student to setup a portfolio website, business cards, and resume for the show,” Beerman said. “One student was offered a job interview from someone who did not come to the portfolio show but came across their website.”

The one-day show’s theme was “CMYK Design Circus.” CMYK refers to the acronym  that is commonly used in graphic arts to identify basic colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  Every aspect of the show was planned and designed by students including the show’s website, invitations, poster, mailer and program brochure.

Students also recruited participants, found and secured the gallery, procured refreshments, decorations, table rentals and music. Department faculty and staff, student government and college administrators also provided support.

“This event could not happen without everyone’s support here at Shoreline,” he said. “I hope that it will continue as a major event for our club, design program and for the school.”

VCT Club advisor Claire Fant said she and other faculty members including Al Yates and Christine Shafner were pleased and excited with the event turnout.

“Credit goes to VCT Club president, Nick Beerman, and the portfolio show participants who logged untold extra hours of work on all aspects of the event,” Fant said. “The students gained valuable experience and confidence in real world networking and marketing.”

The VCT Club is open to visual arts students from any specialty including fine art, graphic design, photography, animation, multimedia, video and film, gaming or marketing. The club’s goal is to help motivate every student about their specialty and a career path. Members share information become valuable resources for each other.

Besides Beerman as club president and information officer for 2014, Hue Tan and Vannie Cusick served as co-vice presidents and Anna Paul was secretary and financial officer.

Jim Hills/SCC

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