Airbag demo on TV news

airbag demonstration

Instructor Bob Biesiedzinski (right) shows an airbag moments after it had deployed as part of a demonstration for KING TV news. Instructor Kevin Roner is in the background. More photos  / Video of bag deployment

Local TV news came to Shoreline Community College on Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014 as part of their coverage of a growing recall over potentially malfunctioning automotive airbags.

Looking for more information, and video, of just how airbags work, KING-TV news reporter Glenn Farley came to the Professional Automotive Training Center. Instructor Bob Biesiedzinski spoke with Farley to explain the intricacies of airbags. The safety devices can expand in milliseconds when needed in an accident, Biesiedzinski said.

Instructor Jeff Cromwell used a bag assembly removed from a vehicle in Shoreline’s program to demonstrate the speed and power of an airbag when it deploys.

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