Gym opens after renovations

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Hard hats are no longer needed!

The gym at Shoreline Community College has been undergoing renovations for the past few months, but is now open and ready for use.

“The students are super excited about the new gym, especially the student-athletes,” Steve Eskridge, Athletic Director said.  “They are proud that Shoreline Community College now has a gym that is as nice as the other colleges that we compete against have.”

The renovation included a new fire sprinkler system and fire alarm panels to increase safety; new LED light fixtures, ceiling tiles and flooring in the hallways, offices, fitness center and classrooms; new furniture for the classrooms and a monitoring station in the main lobby; repairing and improving the HVAC system and installing a new ADA door mechanism on the lower level entrance.

The most noticeable improvements though might be in the main gymnasium which includes new motor-operated bleachers, wall panels, lights, a refurbished and refinished floor, scoreboards, audio system, golf curtain and new paint and ceiling beams.

Eskridge said he is looking forward to the students and coaches being able to use the updated facilities. He said it’s one of the best things he has experienced while working at Shoreline for the past 25 years.

On top of the renovations, the gym also has a new policy for student and staff use. There is a new system for checking in to use the facilities. All gym users must be current registered students, faculty, staff or be taking part in a scheduled activity. A college identification card will be required for check-in and check-out at the front monitor desk.

“Our goal is to keep the building safe for users and to provide a professional environment,” Eskridge said. “We have added some new standards, including a monitoring station and dress code.”

Eskridge said the system will help them keep track of who uses the gym, keep it in good condition and create longevity for the newly renovated gym while maintaining a professional setting to better serve the campus communities.

There are a few final touches yet to be made including painting and new signage throughout the building, but it can now be used and visited. Read the new gym rules and standards for using the facility and check out a few photos.

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