Shoreline Scholars program open for applications

Shoreline Scholars photo

Josef Mamo, Ben Tuberg, President Cheryl Roberts and Erik Jensen (from left) take a moment for a photo during the opening day of Shoreline Scholars applications. More photos

Shoreline Scholars, the two-year, full-tuition scholarship program at Shoreline Community College, is underway.

“We’re off and running!” President Cheryl Roberts said. “Shoreline Scholars is an investment in our communities by the college, the foundation and our supporters.”

Olive Berry photo

Olive Berry shows off the notification that her Shoreline Scholars application is complete and has been accepted for review, on April 27, 2015.

The application acceptance period opened on Monday, April 27, 2015, with a special event in the PUB main dining room. Applicants brought their packets to the college, got an immediate review and were placed into the scholarship pool.

The Shoreline Scholars Program for 2015 is for residents of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park who will be graduating from high school this spring. Home-school students are also eligible to apply. Shoreline Scholars will receive up to a full tuition scholarship for two years in any field of study, including university transfer or professional/technical programs.

Among the first in line on Monday were Ben Tuberg, Josef Mamo and Erik Jensen, all Shorecrest High School seniors.

“My dad saw an email and told me about the program,” Jensen said. “I’m planning on going into the automotive program.”

Tuberg said he had been accepted at University of Montana, but changed his mind to Shoreline when he heard about the scholarship. “It’s cheaper and its close,” he said.

Mamo said he was accepted at Western Washington University, but decided to start at Shoreline and then transfer to a university. “I’m interested in business administration,” he said.

Olive Berry, a Running Start student from Shorewood High School, said the scholarship will allow her to finish her Associate degree at Shoreline. “I’m planning on going on to cosmetology school in Seattle,” Berry said. “I’ve always been interested in that.”

Roberts said the Shoreline Scholars program is designed to meet the needs of the community.

“We know that there are many students in our district who are studying hard and getting good grades, but, for a variety of reasons, wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend college,” Roberts said. “The Shoreline Scholars program is designed to come alongside those students to provide them with the confidence they need, and the college and community is there to help them achieve their educational goals.”

The college is using existing financial-aid capabilities to provide 50 scholarships. The Shoreline Community College Foundation is funding another five scholarships and Harley O’Neil, a Shoreline resident and owner of Spin Alley who also serves on the foundation board, is personally funding one more scholarship.

“We are speaking with others who may join us to create more opportunities, but at this point, we have 56 scholarships available,” Roberts said. Scholarship applications will be accepted until they are all pledged to incoming students.

“We’re already planning for next year,” Roberts said. “We are committed to helping students achieve their dreams through the Shoreline Scholars program.”

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