Shoreline’s Nursing students break fundraising record for students in need


The 10-quarter nursing student cohort raised $980 for nursing students in need.

Each year, the Shoreline Community College Association of Nursing Students (SCCANS) raises money to help one student with financial need. Funds are distributed anonymously and can be used for tuition or to help with living expenses that may be barriers to a student’s success. This year SCCANS raised a record amount and was able to distribute funds to several students.

The students held a competition to see which of the nursing cohorts could raise the most funds, with the winning cohort earning a pizza party. The part-time student group (attending for 10 quarters instead of the 6 that full-time students attend) won the competition, raising $980 between just 19 students. Together, all the cohorts raised over $1800. In past years, SCCANS has raised an average of $5-600 for the fund.

“The 10-quarter cohort is really a phenomenal group this year,” Nursing professor and advisor Corinne (Corki) Budnick said. “While they’re juggling so much – work, family, school – and coming to campus at night after most everyone else is gone, it can be harder for part-time students to bond with the campus community. But these students dove right in and really rose to the occasion to show that they care about their fellow students and the program.”

The SCCANS club contributes to a variety of events on campus each year, including helping plan nursing graduation ceremonies and nurses’ day celebrations and organizing blood drives. The club also runs a winter clothing drive that collects warm clothes for the community at large.

“Our students knock our socks off every year,” said Budnick. “And this year’s group is no exception. We’re so proud of them and how they’ve rallied around each other and the program. Part of nursing is about caring for the community, and these students are truly caring for theirs. It’s great to see.”

Some of the objectives of the club are to contribute to nursing education; provide programs of social, educational and political import; provide an opportunity for students to participate in leadership roles and to provide a supportive network to students enrolled in the nursing program.

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