Student newspaper article illustrates why Shoreline is focusing on rights and values for all

Shoreline Community College and many other colleges are making strong steps forward to address the serious national issue of sexual harassment, violence and discrimination on college campuses.

“It is our core value that everyone who comes to this campus feels respected and supported,” President Cheryl Roberts said. “The experiences of two students quoted in a Jan. 16, 2016 article in the Ebbtide student newspaper are exactly why we take sexual harassment, violence and discrimination so seriously.”

Starting in the fall of 2014, President Roberts initiated a conversation and process that resulted in the recently adopted Community Standard, a statement of the college’s values that support an inclusive and nondiscriminatory environment, now posted across campus. In 2015, President Roberts established a work group for Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs. As a visible step toward increased awareness, Title IX flyers are now displayed across campus and sexual violence resource information cards are available.

“As noted in the Ebbtide article, Vice President Stephen Smith is the college’s Title IX Coordinator and we established a network of seven deputy coordinators (see list below) who are trained and available as resources to students and employees. The college also offers free confidential counseling to support students,” Roberts said. In addition, Roberts said that Safety and Security Department personnel take all reports seriously and investigate initial information provided.  All sexual harassment reports follow a standard protocol and are promptly forwarded for additional investigation for the Title IX Process.

“We know that not everyone is comfortable coming forward to ask for help,” Roberts said. “We are working to rollout educational opportunities for both students and employees. We want everyone to know our values, what their rights are, and that the college is here to help.”

Steps that everyone can take right now include:

  • Educate yourself about Title IX and participate in campus activities that raise awareness
  • Know your rights and speak up when you see or experience something that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Support others who have experienced sexual harassment, violence or discrimination.
  • Exhibit the values of the Community Standard in your own actions.
  • Work together to create a campus culture that values all individuals and supports prevention, accountability, and safety.

The College is committed to developing and implementing a multifaceted approach to addressing sexual discrimination. “We know there is no single approach that will address every situation,” Roberts said. “That’s why we will build on these first efforts and continue to get this message out in as many ways as possible: Sexual harassment, violence and discrimination are not only against the law, they are against the values of this community and we won’t tolerate them. Our Community Standard requires that we demonstrate respect for each other at all times.”



Title IX Coordinator

Stephen P. Smith
Vice President for Human Resources & Legal Affairs

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Kim Thompson
Dean of Students

Yvonne Terrell-Powell
Associate Dean – Equity/Engagement and Counseling

Kathy Cook
Associate Dean – Student Support Services

Lianne Almughirah
Assistant Director of International Student Success

Robin Blacksmith
Director, Safety and Security

Steve Eskridge
Athletic Director

Mariko Kakiuchi
Director of Career Education Options (CEO) Program

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