Over 600 area students visited Shoreline’s campus for the 18th annual Math Olympiad


Mathletes from Meridian Park Elementary receive medals at the 18th annual Math Olympiad held on Shoreline Community College’s campus March 12, 2016. Photo credit: Kristi Lin and Shoreline Public Schools.

The 18th annual Shoreline Math Olympiad was held on Sat., March 12 on the Shoreline Community College campus. Over 600 fourth- through eighth-grade students from 18 public and private schools in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park participated in this year’s event, and more than 900 people attended the awards ceremony in the campus gymnasium.

The college has hosted this event for the past five years in partnership with the Shoreline School District, Shoreline Public Schools Foundation, James Alan Salon, Chuck Olsen Kia Chevrolet, and Smart Service Subaru, as well as with support from numerous regional and local businesses. It is a free event open to Mathletes who want to challenge themselves with fun individual and team tests.

Bob Francis, VP Academic Affairs, and Steve Bogart, Shoreline Community College Math faculty, helped hand out awards, along with other dignitaries from the city, local businesses, and the School district, including Shoreline Schools Superintendent Rebecca Minor, School Board members David Wilson and Dick Potter, Shoreline Mayor Chris Roberts, and Shoreline Public Schools Foundation Board Members Ken and Jennifer Altena. Shoreline Community College Board of Trustee member Clara Pellham was also in attendance.

Shoreline Mayor Chris Roberts (lower right), with the assistance of Shoreline School District Board Member David Wilson (upper) and catapults Math Oympiad t-shirts into the crowd

Shoreline Mayor Chris Roberts (kneeling) catapults Math Olympiad t-shirts into the crowd with the assistance of Shoreline School District Board Member, David Wilson (middle) and Shoreline School District Director of Categorical Programs and Academic Support, Ellen Kaje (left). Photo credit: Kristi Lin and Shoreline Public Schools.

Next year, the 19th annual Shoreline Math Olympiad will again be held on Shoreline’s campus on Sat., March 11, 2017. More information about this great community event can be found here.

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