Shoreline Community College students get new path to Bachelor’s Degree through new Honors Program

Today, Shoreline Community College announced a new program that will support eligible students to earn an associate degree with honors and transfer to a top four-year university to complete their bachelor’s degree—saving a significant amount on the cost of their overall tuition for a bachelor’s degree. The new program, American Honors, will enhance the existing Honors program offered at Shoreline.

“The American Honors program is a tremendous opportunity for students to get even more out of their Shoreline experience,” says Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D., President of Shoreline Community College. “It’s an ideal avenue – and an extraordinary academic opportunity – for those who are looking to continue their education beyond community college.”

By starting local, American Honors program graduates report saving up to 40% on the total cost of their bachelor’s degree. Students in the American Honors program prepare for junior- and senior-level coursework in small, rigorous Honors classes. For two years, Honors students develop leadership and academic skills in a close-knit community with the support of one-on-one advising.

Students are able to apply for transfer to any four-year college or university, or take advantage of transfer agreements with a network of top colleges and universities in the exclusive American Honors National Transfer Network. Four-year schools in the growing American Honors Network include universities in Washington such as Gonzaga University, University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University, and Whitworth University.

“We’re so excited for Shoreline Community College to offer American Honors,” says Phil Bronner, CEO and Co-Founder of Quad Learning, the education service provider that collaborates with select community colleges to offer the American Honors program. “Colleges with an American Honors program find incredible student success. This decision will increase two-year completion rates and transfer success for students, which really demonstrates the commitment Shoreline has to their mission and their students.”

American Honors program graduates have been accepted to schools within and beyond the American Honors network including Stanford University, University of Washington, Vanderbilt University, Seattle University, University of Southern California, and Western Washington University, and many have received transfer scholarships to help towards the cost of tuition for their transfer schools.

Shoreline Community College joins 9 other community colleges across the US to offer the American Honors program, including Community Colleges of Spokane and Pierce College in Washington. Shoreline Community College will offer the program in Fall 2016. Students interested in applying should email with questions. The selection process is holistic and examines candidates’ leadership abilities, extracurricular activities, academic achievements, standardized test scores, and commitment to the ideals of the program.

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