Shoreline launches SALT program to help students increase financial IQ

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To help ensure student success well beyond graduation, Shoreline Community College has partnered with SALT, a financial literacy resource that provides students with advice on paying for college, tips for making smarter money decisions, simple budgeting tools, advice on finding scholarships, and more.

Launched on Shoreline’s campus in summer 2016, SALT is a free resource for Shoreline students, graduates, and employees aimed at improving financial literacy overall and empowering everyone to better understand, manage, and ultimately pay off student debt. The name SALT references the use of salt as one of the first forms of currency.

“This is really a fantastic resource for our students,” said Chris Melton, Director of Enrollment & Financial Aid Services at Shoreline. “How to pay for college without accruing unmanageable debt is one of the top concerns for many of today’s students, and SALT teaches people how to do just that by borrowing smart and borrowing less to set themselves up for financial success.”

Making use of both one-on-one and online counseling SALT uses a traditional methodology, as well as self-directed learning, to help raise students’ financial IQ and turn them into informed, confident borrowers and money managers. “As an institution,” Melton said, “student success is our main priority. Bringing this program to campus allows us to provide students with one more key resource to help them achieve that success.”

Students, graduates, and employees can join Shoreline’s SALT program online at

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