International alum finds her path to Microsoft through Shoreline

Evelyn Mahasin at Microsoft

Evelyn Mahasin is a graduate of Shoreline’s computer science program.

When Evelyn Mahasin came to Shoreline from Jakarta, Indonesia in the fall of 2014, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to study. Now, thanks to some supportive faculty and her on-campus experiences, she’s finishing up a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering at University of Washington Bothell and already has a job at Microsoft waiting for her after graduation.

Mahasin decided on Shoreline for its beautiful campus and the reputation of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) faculty. “I had heard that the STEM professors at Shoreline were awesome,” said Mahasin. “I’m so glad I listened because the faculty there made all the difference in helping me find my path.”

That path was unclear when Mahasin first arrived at the college. “I knew I liked math and physics but didn’t want to go into either of those fields. Nothing really stood out until I started at Shoreline,” said Mahasin. “It was so helpful to be able to take classes in several different programs, which is something I’m not sure I could have done as easily at a four-year college, and to spend time talking to the professors of each to really dial into my interests and figure out where my strengths lay.”

Mahasin’s advisor, Jessica Galan, and physics professor, Stephanie Diemel, were both instrumental in helping her uncover her passion for computer science. “They both suggested that I take a class in the program, knowing it would incorporate my skills in math and physics in a highly employable field, which is something they also knew was important to me,” said Mahasin. “They supported me every step of the way, working with me one-on-one to really help me figure out my career plan.”

Working as a computer science tutor in Shoreline’s tutoring center, which offers free peer-to-peer tutoring to students, also helped Mahasin dial in on her passion for the subject. “Being able to tutor was an awesome opportunity for me,” said Mahasin. “That experience helped me realize that not only did I understand the topic enough to coach other students through it, but I could also talk about it all day and not get tired of it. That was huge in helping me narrow down my choice of major.”

Mahasin’s time at Shoreline wasn’t all academics focused. “I was very happy with how active and diverse the student clubs were and with how supportive and helpful faculty and staff were with students who were interested in joining or creating a club. From clubs and Student Life events to a healthy variety of on-campus work opportunities, there are endless ways to get involved at Shoreline. The more of those opportunities you take advantage of, the more they can lead you to learn about yourself and the shape you want your education and career to take.”

Getting involved on campus through tutoring and clubs may have also helped Mahasin land her internship at Microsoft, which later turned into a job offer. “I think that the abundant opportunity to tutor and work on campus, as well as the numerous club and leadership opportunities at Shoreline definitely helped me fill up my resume,” said Mahasin.

Now finishing up her degree at University of Washington Bothell, Mahasin landed an internship with Microsoft straight out of Shoreline, joining Office’s client-side licensing team to complete a three-month long Intern project. Because all of her Shoreline math credits transferred and she completed an internship, she’s on pace to graduate UW-Bothell early in the Winter of 2018, at which time she’ll rejoin Microsoft’s team in a paid, full-time position.

“I would definitely encourage students not to waste the opportunity they have at Shoreline,” said Mahasin. “From supportive staff and faculty to opportunities to enhance your learning through on-campus events, lectures, workshops, and clubs, Shoreline is designed to help you grow and shape your education and career path to fit you – you just have to tap into the resources that are right there waiting for you.”

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